Suikerbossie Fires

Elain and Kobus got engaged at the Canyon Suikerbossie
November 4, 2016
Winter at Suikerbossie
December 2, 2016

Fires are very dangerous for every living creature, but in the Cederberg it can really be challenging to get under control.

With mountains surrounding the farm 360 degrees a fire can last anything from a week to months going over and back on the mountains through the Fynbos.
The Suikerbos, after which the farm is called, can catapult a protea burning up to a kilometer away because of its high sugar contents.

We are very strict with our fire policy and expect every camper not to move their braai drum or leave a fire unattended.

Suikerbossie is blessed with farm workers and managers who not only know fire, but knows their land and wind. Trained and capable to put out a fire the Onderhoek of Kouebokkeveld can fight a fire and go to bed knowing it is dead.

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