Bushman Excursion for Families with Children

Winter at Suikerbossie
December 2, 2016
Tractor Rides
November 25, 2021

Night time excursion to the Bushman paintings on a tractor.

The story of the Bushmen should live on for many years to come, we offer a guided tour of the Bushman rocks where we lead you through each significant place where the Bushmen once danced, ate and practiced certain arts and crafts.

Finding your way through the maze rock formations and then crawling under and between rocks just to get a glimpse of the old and rare rock art is a unique wonderful adventure.
Occasionally fires may be lit upon request where we all sit around the fire, telling stories, braai-ing marshmallows and dancing around the fire barefoot.

This tour is educational, fun for the kids but most of all, it is a small part of Suikerbossie’s history. There is so much more we have to learn and we love sharing our little piece of paradise with our campers.

The tour ends off with a tractor ride back to the campsites where most of the kids fall asleep star-gazing, dreaming of all the adventures they still have to experience.

This is a family “must-get-experience” for the fondest of memories!

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